How Many Stores Offer Check Cashing Services These Days?

Although electronic or internet banking has become extremely popular over the past few years, not everyone is comfortable with using these banking channels as yet – with many of them still preferring to use checks wherever possible to do so. This has resulted in a large number of check cashing locations and franchise stores stepping up to the plate in order to offer their customers the ultimate form of convenience in the form of check cashing services.

Banks and Credit Unions

Both of these remain fairly popular options when it comes to having checks cashed, mainly because customers will not have to pay as high check processing fees compared to when they make use of external check cashing facilities (which will be discussed later). However, when using banks or credit unions to cash their checks, customers may sometimes have to be willing to wait in long lines, which can take a while to move, especially at the end of the month or just before any public holidays and long weekends when people need money to go on vacation or entertain guests from out of town.

Dedicated Check Cashing Stores

The next best facilities to use when checks need to be cashed are the many dedicated check cashing store locations around the country. A few of the more well-known check cashing stores include ACE Check Cashing, United Check Cashing, California Check Cashing, Payomatic Check Cashing, Speedy Cash, Money Mart, The Check Cashing Place, Check ‘n Go, Check Into Cash, The Check Cashing Store, RiteCheck, Check Cashing USA, United Check Cashing, Check Cashing Station, Friendly Check and many more. Most of these check cashing stores have multiple locations throughout the country, making them extremely convenient to use.

Other Store Locations That Cash Checks

If it isn’t convenient for you to make use of any of the above mentioned options to get your checks cashed, there is no need to stress. These days, many other stores are offering this convenient service to their customers as well. Some of the most popular and convenient stores that offer this facility to customers include Walmart, Kroger’s, Kmart, Dillons, Giant-Eagle, Walgreens, Ralph’s, Publix, Country Mart, Food Lion, Fry’s Foods, Fred Meyer, Hannaford, King Soopers, Market Basket, Meijer, Speedway, Wegmans and WinCo. There may be other store locations that cash checks as well, but these will vary from state to state.

Cashing Your Checks

Regardless of where you decide to cash your checks, you will need to follow a few basic procedures before you will be able to obtain the cash value of your check. You will always be required to provide at least one form of recent identification before a cashier or clerk will be permitted to hand you the cash though. Depending on the store where you choose to do check cashing, you may also be required to make a purchase before you will be allowed to cash any checks there. In some cases, various stores may only be able to cash specific types of checks as well, with a few of them not being able to cash any types of personal checks whatsoever.

Feel free to read our post about check cashing policies for more detailed information.

24 Hour Check Cashing

These days, a large number of stores and check cashing facilities offer a 24 hour cashing service to their customers. This enables them to go out and cash checks at times that are most convenient for them, and not have to wait for the issuing bank to be open. However, there may be cases where the 24 hour check cashing locations will charge a slightly higher fee than other places for their services, simply because it is more convenient to use them. In some cases, store locations that are open 24 hours a day will be able to offer check cashing services throughout their opening hours as well. It is a good idea to call ahead and find out what a location’s check cashing hours are though.

Provided that your check is 100% legible, that it has been made out in the same name as that which appears on the identification that you will be using, you should have little to no issues getting your checks cashed at any time.

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