How Long Will Check Cashing Still be Around For?

The process of check cashing has been around for many years already, mainly because it is an extremely convenient way for businesses to pay employees. It also provides a fast and easy way for employees and other people who have received insurance checks, tax rebates and other types of checks and need to get their hands on the physical cash as quickly as possible. Many people are wondering how much longer check cashing will still be in use for though.

Too Convenient to Discard

Many people are voicing their concern about whether the use of checks will be done away with at some point in the future because of how popular electronic banking transfers and payments have become. In many cases, electronic or internet banking processes enable people to obtain their money quicker than if checks were to be deposited into their banking accounts. Some forms of online banking are also more cost-effective to perform than check processing as well. However, there are many people who still don’t have banking accounts or who aren’t yet comfortable with using online banking services.

A Secure Form of Obtaining Cash and Payments

In most cases, checks still remain a relatively safe form of payment because they can only be cashed by the person whose name has been listed on them. This helps prevent anyone else from cashing them or trying to deposit them into other accounts. It also provides peace of mind for employers who pay employees because they know that each employee will only be able to cash his or her own wage check.

Types of Checks Being Cashed

When it comes to check cashing, not everyone is aware of the fact that there are many different types of checks that are in circulation these days. Some of the most popular types include personal checks, tax rebates, insurance checks and salary or wage checks. While all of these types of checks will enable you to exchange them for their cash value, it’s important to remember that there will normally be various terms and conditions associated with doing so – and these will vary according to where you are trying to get your checks cashed.

Where Checks can be cashed

These days, it’s possible to cash checks at a large number of locations around the country – the process is no longer only limited to banks. Some of the most popular options include dedicated check cashing facilities or stores, 7 Eleven branches that make use of the Vcom system and many other stores such as Walmart, Kroger’s, Walgreens, Giant Eagle, Kmart, Ralph’s and Publix. Some examples of dedicated check cashing stores or facilities include Check Into Cash, ACE Check Cashing, Check Smart, Money Mart, PLS Check Cashing and many others.

Terms and Conditions will Apply

Other stores are known to cash all types of checks except personal checks, and these include Dillons, Country Mart, Food Lion, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Foods, Hannaford, King Soopers, Meijer, Speedway, Wegmans and WinCo. While some of these locations may have predetermined terms and conditions, all of them will vary. For example, some stores may only cash checks of up to a specified amount, while others may insist that a purchase has to be made before any form of check can be cashed. It’s recommended that you inquire about these policies beforehand to prevent inconvenience.

Feel free to read our post about check cashing policies for more detailed information.

Here to Stay

It has been suggested that 24 hour check cashing is here to stay for the foreseeable future, simply because it is a convenient way for people to obtain cash after hours – especially if they don’t have access to an ATM. Over time, even more locations may be made available for those who still want to deal with cashing checks at various locations. However, one thing that is not likely to change with regards to check cashing is the fact that some form of photo identification will always be required when processing any type of check.

Being able to make use of 24 hour check cashing can make all the difference for many families who may not be able to access ATM machines to purchase groceries or pay their essential bills on time each week.

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